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The Benefits of Choosing BSNL Broadband

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BSNL Broadband is a broadband internet service from BSNL that was launched in India son 14 January, 2005. It was also known as ‘Data One’ previously. It currently has a coverage area to more than 198 cities. BSNL broadband is available throughout India in all the cities town and most of the sub urban villagesThis Broadband service of BSNL is available on DSL technology (on copper wire that is used for connecting telephone). It provides high speed access to the internet and VPN (Virtual Private Network), Multicasting, Video Conferencing, Video-on-Demand, Broadcast application etc have also been added.Its main highlights are: It provides high speed Internet connectivity (up to 8 Mbps), provides Virtual Private Network (VPN) service to the broadband customers, provides dial VPN service to MPLS VPN customers, provides multicast video services, video-on-demand, etc. through the Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS), provides a means to bill for the aforesaid services by either time-based or volume-based billing. It also provides the customer with the option to select the services through web server.It also provides both pre-paid and post paid broadband services to its customers and also the advantage to change from prepaid to post paid and vice versa.BSNL provides access to the internet with the help 24 powerful Core Routers connected with high speed 2.5 Gbps (STM-16) links. These routers are responsible for high transmission of speed.BSNL broadband provides a number of other benefits like Multicasting, Dial VPN service, video and audio conferencing and many other contact based services.Multicasting helps to provide video multicast services for application in distance education, telemedicine etc. Dial VPN Service allows all the remote users to access their network securely over the NIB-II infrastructure. Which gives them their privacy.Video and Audio Conferencing makes video and audio calls more easy audible and gives more visibility. Content based Services also includes Video on Demand, Interactive Gaming, Live and also time shifted TV.Broadband connection can be connected to both laptop as well as normal computer. Laptop users mostly prefer to have wireless broadband as it is more mobile and can be moved along with the laptop to many other places.BSNL broadband can be obtained either via online registration or by simply calling the bsnl customer and asking them to bring the details for acquiring the broadband connection. BSNL’s Bfone (Basic phone) connection, Personal Computer with 10/100 Ethernet Port and ADSL CPE (Customer Premise Equipment). This can be taken from BSNL at nominal rental per month. With these three things one can have their broadband connection and can have access to high speed broadband.It provides a number of plans to both home as well as business users. Depending upon their requirement they can choose from the range of plans offered. BSNL broadband provides the most cheapest rates among all the other service providers in the country and is affordable by all working and middle class people.To enjoy uninterrupted service and have access to the world of web at any point of time one must definitely have BSNL broadband.

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