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2012 – A New Perspective in Time and Galactic Cycles

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This is not your normal article regarding 2012; I want to look at it with a little different point of view. Granted, from a historical perspective, it seems ominous when you read all of the predictions regarding the cycles of time and Galactic alignments. The Mayan calendar is apparently set to run out sometime in the year 2012. Some say 12/21/2012, others have it 12/31/2012 and others say 12/12/2012. I am certain that something is going happen, but I am not writing this to speculate on the possibilities for 2012.Let’s go back in time roughly three thousand years BC, about five thousand ago in a land far, far away somewhere in Central or Middle America. The Mayan civilization was flourishing and they were very interested in and good at astronomy and astrology. They created a calendar system based on the way the stars moved and were able to project this system forward and backward in time to mark historical dates and eras, based on the cyclical movements of the stars. The Mayans recorded their system by carving symbols on stones and were able to project out as far as five to six thousand years into the future, what we now call the year 2012. The Mayan’s, for some unknown reason stopped there, some have suggested reasons why they stopped and this has become a very popular discussion in today’s society.It is obvious that with the year 2012 fast approaching, and the apparent accuracy of the Mayan cyclical system that people are very interested in what will happen to life as they know it. Will the planet self destruct? Will there be another ice age? Will UFO’s land in mass to take control of our world? Will mankind evolve to the next level? Will time cease to exist, slow down, speed up or start from square one? Will Elvis return with a new album, never before released? There are as many questions and possibilities as there are people alive on the planet.I wonder what was going through the mind of the master stone carvers when they completed chiseling out the year 2012 and were told to stop there. Were they elated to have finally, completed this massive project, or did they wonder why they had to stop at 2012. Being such an advanced race, I am sure that they were not concerned with issues such as job security, overtime pay or what their next project would be. They ask their leaders why they are stopping and are told, “The cycles are complete”. The carvers then ask, “But what will happen after 2012”? Were they told that it would be the end of the world with no hope for humanity, or did the leaders simply point to the start of the cyclical carvings and state, “It all starts over?”What if the carvers were told to continue on, but in another location? And what if it was in a secret location that was well hidden, and would be hard to find disguised and filled with traps that only an Indiana Jones type guy would be able to traverse. What if over the last five thousand years of earth changes, quakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes and human development, the location and actual relics were buried or even destroyed. Need I say that stranger things have happened and that this could have actually been the fate of these next set of cyclical recording.What if these next sets of cyclical calendars were discovered, but like so many other ancient historical documents, they are sitting, hidden in some organizations archives. What if some organization’s whole philosophy, dogmas, beliefs or business would fall apart, should these cyclical recordings be revealed to the masses. Again I say stranger things have happened.I am not a big fan of following one train of thought, hook line and sinker and I don’t like throwing the baby out with the bathwater either. This article is just my way of saying that nobody knows with any degree of certainty what will occur in 2012 and no matter what does happen we owe a round of thanks to the Mayans for providing us with such rich propaganda. I hope that my ponderings have provided you with some thought provoking and stimulating ideas to share the next time someone says that they are worried about what will happen in 2012. See you in 2013; if not sooner and until then may the Universe shine its Light brightly upon you and yours.James BryanCopyright © 2010 James BryanAt The Precipice, We Change! Call for Change!Blessed Be The One: We are the One!From out of all the many particulars comes oneness, and out of oneness come all the many particulars. For those who are awake the cosmos is one. -Heraclitus


Written by davisjeffery24

August 6, 2013 at 11:20 pm

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