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All About Cisco Certifications

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There are three levels of Cisco certification, Associate, Professional, and Expert. Cisco developers set these three levels in order to meet every requirement of the companies. If a company is small and dealing with small networking then the associate certified professional can do better for them. The company can choose the professionals by keeping in mind their needs.CCNACisco Certified Network Associate certification gives the basic knowledge of networking. CCNA certified professionals are capable of dealing every problem related to install, configuring and operating the WAN, LAN, and dial access services. They are restricted to handle the problems in no more than 100 modes range. They are familiar with the terms Frame Relay, IP, RIP, IGRP, VLANs, Ethernet and Serial.CCNPCisco Certified Network Professional certification is for the advanced level as the professionals can deal with bigger problems. They usually work for the enterprise organizations, in which they do installing, configuring and troubleshooting the wide rage of the network. They can handle all the problems in the nodes range of 100 to 500. In this certification extra topics then the CCNA are security, converging networks, QoS and VPN.CCIPCisco Certified Internetwork Professional certification enables a person to fine every solution related to the infrastructure IP networking. Service provider companies require these professional to deal with their service provider networking.CCSPCisco Certified Security Professionals deal with all the problems related to the network protection. Their aim is to protect productivity, as this can be helpful in flourishing process of the company. In this certification you can learn how to do perimeter security, intrusion protection and virtual private networks. This enables a person to develop a single and unyielding integrated network security solution.CCIE (Routing and Switching)CCIE Routing and Switching experts have to deal with the problems related to the LAN and WAN interfaces. They have the advanced knowledge of routers and switches and their uses. With these equip knowledge they can increase bandwidth and solve the complex connectivity problem that is making hurdle in response time and depressing the performance of the whole network. Their work does not merely to solve the problem but also maintain the equipment for their proper work.CCIE requirements In detail and intricacy knowledge can only make a CCIE professional, as it doesn’t require the ordinary pathway to get success, the knowledge in depth can save a person from drowning. To pass this certification level you need to make extra effort as these requires some field knowledge. It is recommended to have two or three years of working experience before attempting the CCIE exam.CCIE (Security)This is expert level in network security; these experts are in demand as every organization needs to secure their data. Securities experts are getting higher pay then others. For getting the enrollment in this certification you need to have a solid knowledge of IP and IP routing.CCIE (Storage)In this certification, experts have to store the data relying on the FCIP, FICON and Fibre Channel techniques.


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August 1, 2013 at 8:43 pm

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