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Is a Web Based Project Management System Economical?

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The Web Based Project Management is a combination of programmes, data, and protocols to administer definite phases of a project. It has become necessary in this age of economic crisis, to devise plans, and adopt such ways to save money, and become productive. The advancement in science and technology has provided them tools to increase their efficiency. Information technology serves as one of the best means to gain value in the market. The advancement in information technology for the last few years has blessed them with the latest technologies. The adoption of the correct technology helps the companies to enhance their worth and benefit.The web based project management system along with the software is specially designed for the successful completion of the huge projects. This system computerises all the manual tasks. It performs the tracking, scheduling, calendar, and reporting functions. It is very important in the cost management of a project. It suggests the ways to make the project more swift, and economical. Its major function is to prioritise the task, and their respective expenses, by the proper allocation of the assets; the project is completed in an organised way.Every businessperson is well aware of the significance of effective and accurate software. The selection of correct software helps you to enhance the employee efficiency, and thus increases your profits. Many off-the-shelf project software applications automate the general business practices including accounting, membership management, and sales force mechanisation.The web based Project management system offer managed service software that facilitates enhanced, effective, and proficient technical IT operations, through its network facility, and improved support at every level. The managed service software is similar to the Saas software. Both the software offers a toolkit of back-end support system. It allows the customers to access the top support technologies. In this way, they do not have to pay for the hardware infrastructure.A web based management system can act as an alternative of many of the commonly used technologies. It enables the business to be controlled form anywhere. Thus, it saves time as well as financial resources. When we merge the conventional IT support such as the on-site maintenance, and remote help desk support, the managed services strengthens the business with a strong IT department solution. These managed services are offered at an affordable monthly price. It is highly economical, as it does not require any direct investment. The managed services serving in the fields include Remote network monitoring, Desktop, and security monitoring, Patch management, Remote data backup, IP Telephony, Messaging and Call Centre, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Technical Assistance etc.Virtualisation is an efficient web based technology that makes it to switch from the physical to virtual (software based) servers. This development reduces the expense of hardware. Virtualisation offers many advantages. It reduces the capital, and functional expenses. Thus it offers an instant, substantial, and solid cost saving. It also controls any potential loss of the revenue due to possible failures, hardships, and economic crisis.Additionally, virtualisation is also very important in green initiative. As it is software based server, less energy is wasted due to less hardware usage. Before purchasing any new server, the evaluation of the role of virtualisation in saving money is very important. Many virtualisation projects really pay for themselves.The supervision of each step of the project requires a lot of time. The web based project management system is a very effective time saving tool. This system keeps you aware of the position of the project through various charts. This makes the working more translucent. It detects the error immediately. This helps you to keep the project on the right track, without any interruption. Thus, the web based project management system ensures a smooth and successful completion of the project. The successful completion refers to the in-time and in-budget accomplishment of the project.


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July 31, 2013 at 7:52 pm

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