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No Telephone Land Line Required

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The telecommunications industry has changed over the years as information and passing of analog to digital services has made communications easier the need for the old rotary phone gave way to touch tone signals being sent over the network of cables and land lines. Over the years the introduction of cordless phones gave way to cellular devices and no a person does not even have to have a direct telephone line connected to their house in order to place and receive calls.The latest advance in the telecommunications industry is the incorporation of the Voice Over Internet Protocol or VOIP phone that actually carries radio waves over the internet allowing users to place calls from a headset that is connected to their computer. The VOIP technology uses a software product that displays a dialer on the computer screen allowing users to dial telephone numbers from the numeric keypad of an extended keyboard and listen to the call through the headset and mouthpiece. While it is an unusual sensation to hear a phone conversation in stereo the headset delivers crisp and clear communications over the broadband signals of the internet.For businesses that operate call centers and have a large volume of calls being sent and received into the center the VOIP phone is a wonderful solution as it dose not tie up hard line telephone cables and reduces the need for multiple lines of wire and telephone extensions to be connected and networked through a PBX system. The VOIP is also making its way into the residential market allowing homeowners to be freed from the telephone utility bill and alleviating the need for a home phone line to connect to the outside world.


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July 30, 2013 at 5:05 pm

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