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An Essential Introduction to Men’s Tailored Clothes

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No matter what wishful thinking one has, appearance matters and people judge you by it. Even if you are taking a stroll in the park, working in the office, or you are going for a job interview, how you dress is going to have a level of impact on other people’s conception (or misconception) about you. And ill-fitting clothes make you look bad, real bad. A man looks his best when his clothes fit him well. One way you could get well fitted clothes, especially suits, is when you have it tailored specifically for you.Many men have a misconception that, to look good, one must be in clothes that are uncomfortable and constricting. That is not true. If he is in uncomfortable fitting clothes, it will show. If you take a look around, what you would notice is well-dressed men are in clothes that fit them naturally and in a way that they barely notice them themselves.Many men wear ill-fitting clothes. They are either too tight or too loose. If they are too tight, they cut at the edges and body corners and make one squirmy to get out of it. If they are too loose, one would look like a scarecrow, as if something hanging is plastered on him. Either way, it makes for a comical appearance that does injustice to the eyes of the beholder. What a man wears broadcast something about him and if the fit look natural on him, it leaves a lasting impression.The basis for buying appropriately fitting clothes is to understand what a proper fit looks like. The basic rule of thumb is the garment should drape comfortably and not loose. Contrary to recent fad, trousers should be worn just around an inch below the navel. For a man with a pot belly, it works to have the trouser’s waistline in the middle of the stomach with a high rise crotch area than under your belly with it spilling out together with the shirt endings.The ends of the trousers should crest the upper part of the shoes and end just at the exact points where the heels begin. Although, recent fad go for the narrow, to-the-body ends, timeless fashion dictates that the width of the bottoms should cover half to ¾ of the shoes area. The front sides should have just a little break in the drape, just before the falls reach the ends. Roll-ups on the cuffs work to bring down the perceived height of taller men, but are better left out for shorter than average men. It could make the person look shorter.Now let’s talk about the jacket. For a jacket to look good at all on a man, it should fit snugly, first and foremost, at the chest and shoulders. In a relaxed, normal standing position, the lapels should rest neatly on the front frame, not curvy and expanding out when the buttons are closed or engulfing the chest leaving only a little opening. The buttons close at the point just lightly touching the stomach. The width of your shirt around your body should be tighter than the jacket; otherwise it leaves crumpled cloth hanging messily out. The shirt cuffs should extend just 1 to 2 cm further than the jacket’s, while in a natural standing posture. Likewise, if watch from behind, the shirt collar should rise just 1 to 2 cm above the jacket, covering the neck area.Some word of advice when getting your clothes tailor made. Firstly, stand in your natural relaxed posture while you are being measured up, not mimicking some vision of how thin or chesty you want to look by sucking in your stomach or trying to protrude your chest. As you can imagine, the fit would not be proper. Also, make the clothes in the fit that you can wear comfortably today, not for 3 months later when you hopefully lost 10 kilos. Really properly fitted clothing would still look good on you if you lost weight. It was made for specific contour of your body. And off-course, room for alterations would already be built into the clothing.It is an enjoyable experience to wear clothes that are tailor made to fit you flawlessly. You feel comfortable and it’s effortless to move. It drapes wonderfully on your contour giving you a balmy vision. These days, tailor made clothes can be acquired for less than designer brands. And the fashion is timeless. When a gentleman acquires simple knowledge of his body measurements and has a trustworthy source, his wardrobe selection, whichever they are, business, semi-formal or casual, are his creations to begin with.


Written by davisjeffery24

July 27, 2013 at 2:38 am

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