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Two Fantastic Ways to Experience Kuranda In Queensland, Australia

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Kuranda is a “must see” on any trip to the Cairns region of Queensland, Australia. Try these two fantastic ways to experience Kuranda, by Steam Railway & Gondola.The village of Kuranda is a picturesque mountain retreat that is located 25 kilometres northwest of Cairns. You can reach it by road but the best ways are by the Historic Scenic Railway and the Skyrail Forest Cableway. I would personally recommend going up to Kuranda on the Railway and return by Gondola over the World Heritage rainforest.You can join the Railway in Cairns or Freshwater. The station at Freshwater is very old fashioned and worth a little time, plus you get the excitement of waiting for the train to arrive from Cairns. All seats are allocated before the journey but my tip is to try and get a seat on the right hand side of the train. You will see the views from the train better.The journey to Kuranda takes around one hour 45 minutes from Cairns. It is very spectacular and you will pass by steep ravines, see amazing waterfalls and pass through dense rainforest. You will travel through 15 tunnels and over 37 bridges in what must have been an amazing piece of engineering back in the late 1800’s. There is a photo stop when the Barron Falls are reached. If you do this journey after heavy rainfall then your timing will be rewarded.Kuranda Station is lovely and it is filled with exotic tropical plants. You have to walk up a hill to reach Kuranda village. There are numerous shops, markets and restaurants to keep you occupied. Aboriginal handicrafts and artefacts are in abundance. Kuranda does offer numerous nature based tourist attractions which include koalas, butterflies, indigenous birds, reptiles and kangaroos. You will be well rewarded by taking a trip on the riverboat down the Barron River.When you have had enough time at Kuranda village then you can return on the 7.5 kilometre cableway that takes you over the World Heritage rainforest. Each Gondola takes six passengers but try and return at a time when you can have one to yourselves. You glide over the rainforest and you have uninterrupted spectacular views of the lush Cairns Highlands, Tropical Cairns and the Coral Sea. You are seeing the rainforest from a unique viewpoint as you travel along the cableway.There are two stopping places along the route so take advantage of them to discover more about the rainforest. You are in an ultra competitive environment where the fight for light is paramount. It is fascinating to walk along the boardwalks and visit the Rainforest Interpretive Center where you can learn a lot about this fascinating environment. At the first stop you can also walk to a viewpoint overlooking the Barron Falls.The highlight, for me, is the breathtaking views over the Cairns region when the Gondola reaches it point of descent down to the Caravonica terminal. You can see for miles in all directions. Port Douglas in the distance and the upmarket Palm Cove can be spotted.Once you reach the terminal there is a mini bus to take you back to Freshwater station. This is an unforgettable day out if you take these two fantastic ways to experience Kuranda.


Written by davisjeffery24

July 23, 2013 at 11:51 pm

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