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Keep Your Mind Focused in 2013

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A new year is upon us and as we decide which resolutions to stick with, consider one very important challenge that we call face: keeping our mind focused on what matters.There are many different things in life that constantly pull are attention away.Our job, our families, friends, an unexpected events all command a varying degree of priority. Maintaining those relationships are important in our lives, but too often we can be drawn up and divided in a hundred different ways. Each of these things can make us feel overwhelmed and anxious. We soon become paralyzed and our mind freezes up.The next step in order to feel productive we do what I call “light-brain” activities – check out Facebook account, watch TV, read the gossip columns, and the like. These things make us “feel” productive, but in reality they are simply digging us a bit deeper. The deeper we get the more “disconnected” we feel. The result: we become unfocused and all those sweet resolutions and dreams that we had for the upcoming year, simply fade quietly to the background.Don’t let this happen this year – or any other year for that matter! You deserve better. And perhaps, deep down, you know you can do better too. Wherever you are in life at this very moment, you can rise above. If you are feeling down or weighed down by life’s challenges, it’s time for a reversal in perspective. Start creating goals that you can make – build small successes one after the other.During this time it’s easy to get down ourselves. We need to remember that we are responsible for our own happiness. But really, it’s a matter of perspective. We are in charge of how we think and how we view the world. Small shifts in our perspective can take a dire situation and turn it into a life-changing opportunity.What has helped me keep focused is to make sure that every day it’s to keep a grateful heart. The truth is that we have all something that can make us happy. Keeping ourselves grateful allows us to take pause and quit seeing the faults in ourselves – and others – and start seeing the good and positive potential. When we become appreciative of the things we have, we stay focused. And it is during this time that real-life changing things start to happen.It is important to understand that change doesn’t occur overnight – but the small decisions that we make everyday are often more important to the “big” decisions. Each of these small changes are determined on our perspective on life at the moment. I want to encourage you and wish you all the best that this year has to offer.


Written by davisjeffery24

July 20, 2013 at 12:59 pm

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